March 14, 2019

The Return of Map Monday

#MapMonday over a background of colorful maps.Your favorite disability map series has returned!

RTC:Rural is excited to share that we’re relaunching #MapMonday, our weekly map series. Every Monday, we’ll share a new map on our social media channels. Follow RTC:Rural on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn so you don’t miss a map! (But don’t worry if you do miss one—they’re all available on our website).

In the coming weeks, we’ll share maps with overall disability rates, disability rates by difficulty and functional limitation (such as vision, hearing, mobility, and self-care difficulty), veterans, poverty, and employment rates.

Heart shape of a red map, with #MapMonday and #EverybodyLovesMaps below. “Mapping characteristics of places allows us to make informed decisions and ask meaningful questions about what, where, and how to address the needs of communities,” said Research Assistant Heidi Lissau. “We are able to display data visually and in a way that makes it more accessible to all. We can use maps like these to identify where specific needs are and patterns of characteristics that interact with and influence these needs.”

The Disability in America maps were created with demographic data from the most recent American Community Survey summary data, which the U.S. Census Bureau released in December 2018. These maps were originally created as part of our Geography and Rural Disability project. We have continued to update them as new ACS data is released. All of our maps display county-level data.

“Maps are a tool that we can use to help us better understand our world,” said Project Director Lillie Greiman. “Maps help expand our understanding of our communities and our world by both revealing patterns and trends across space as well as prompting questions about why these patterns exist and what can be done to change them. We hope that this map series will inspire you to ask questions and explore these data further in your community!”

button for Disability Data Lookup ToolWant to dive deeper into data for a specific state or specific county? Check out our Disability Data Lookup Tool, which provides an accessible way to look up data about disability in rural areas across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. 

National Maps button

Explore our Geography and Rural Disability research in these national maps. The maps in our Disability in America Map Seriesshow rates of disability for every county in the U.S. There are maps on many topics, including veterans, poverty, employment, and rural-urban classifications. There are also maps for different kinds of impairments, including: hearing, seeing, mobility, cognitive, self-care, and Independent Living.

state profiles button

Explore disability data at the state level. For each state in the US, view and download county-level maps of  general disability rates, as well as maps of: disability rates among veterans; people with disabilities in poverty; disability rates by sex; disability rates by functional limitations, including vision, hearing, cognitive, mobility, self-care, and independent living difficulty; employment, unemployment, and out of labor force rates among people with disabilities.

(July 2019): The State Profile maps are a work in progress, and states will be added over the coming months.

If you have any questions about this map series or our geography research, please contact us. Our researchers are available to answer your questions, help you access the data you need, and provide other forms of technical assistance.

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