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#RuralDisability eNewsletter

#RuralDisability eNewsletter

The RTC:Rural #RuralDisability eNewsletter is sent once or twice a month, and includes new resources, upcoming events, and news in the fields of disability, rural studies, vocational rehabilitation and employment, independent living, and health and wellness.

Resource Collections

Rural Disability Resource Library logo

Rural Disability Resource Library

This website was created to be an easily accessible and searchable set of resources for people with disabilities, their families, and service providers. It contains fact sheets, how-to guides, information about conducting workshops, web resources, and much more!

University of Montana ScholarWorks


ScholarWorks is an open-access collection that showcases and preserves published and unpublished works by University of Montana faculty, students, and staff, including RTC:Rural and the Rural Institute staff. Topics include Early Childhood, Education, Employment, Health & Wellness, and Independent Living & Community Participation.

disability counts button

Disability Counts

Disability Counts is a collection of online tools and resources that provide accessible data about disability in rural areas and communities across the U.S. These resources include the Disability Data Lookup Tool , the Disability in America Map Series, and our Guide to Accessing Disability Data.

National Maps button

Disability in America Map Series

Explore our Geography and Rural Disability research in these national maps. The maps in our Disability in America Map Series show rates of disability for every county in the U.S. There are maps on many topics, including veterans, poverty, employment, and rural-urban classifications. There are also maps for different kinds of impairments, including: hearing, seeing, mobility, cognitive, self-care, and Independent Living.

state profiles button

State Profile Map Series

Explore disability data at the state level. For each state in the US, view and download county-level maps of  general disability rates, as well as maps of: disability rates among veterans; people with disabilities in poverty; disability rates by sex; disability rates by functional limitations, including vision, hearing, cognitive, mobility, self-care, and independent living difficulty; employment, unemployment, and out of labor force rates among people with disabilities. July 2019: These maps are a work in progress, and states will be added over the coming months.

Telecom Toolbox logo

Telecom Toolbox

Online tools are a great (and under used) way to boost the success of rural Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) programs and their clients. The Telecom Toolbox website is full of resources for job seekers and service providers to help people with disabilities use online career development tools to find employment.


Toolkit for operating a rural transportation voucher program

Toolkit for Operating a Rural Transportation Voucher Program

The Toolkit for Operating a Rural Transportation Voucher Program provides a model that describes how to bring together community members and resources to develop and operate a transportation system for people with disabilities in rural areas.

Adovacay Skill Building Toolkit

Advocacy Skill Building Toolkit

This toolkit is a guide for conducting interactive and engaging workshops to facilitate the development of advocacy skills of emerging Independent Living leaders and youth with disabilities. It includes a facilitator guide, activities, worksheets and discussion topics.

Logo of the Montana ROADMAP project whic reads "Rural Options Discharge Model of Active Planning" within the outline of the state of Montana. Logos of the University of Montana and St. Patrick Hospital are also included.

Rural Options at Discharge – Model of Active Planning (ROADMAP) Project Products

This project created and tested an enhanced discharge and rural transition support program that facilitates patients’ transitions from in-patient hospitalization back home to a small town or rural community. Project manuals and other documents are available to encourage replication of the model.

Comunity Activated Living Well with a Disability

Community Activated Living Well (COALW)

COALW is a set of guidelines designed to help plan and implement Living Well with a Disability. It includes ideas, agendas and procedures that community members can use to organize and conduct Living Well with a Disability.


Healthy Community Living logo - orange circles grey people

Healthy Community Living

The Healthy Community Living program is about all people having opportunities to live well and participate fully in their communities. The program is composed of two separate peer-led Independent Living skills workshops: Community Living Skills and Living Well in the Community, and will be available Oct. 15, 2019.

LIving and Working Well with a Disability

Living and Working Well with a Disability

The Living Well and Working Well with a Disability programs are evidence-based, peer-led health promotion workshops provided by organizations that serve people with disabilities.

Other Information

Defining Rural

Defining Rural

What makes an area rural? It depends on the definition you use.  This page lays out the various definitions of rural used by different agencies, and the pros and cons of each one.

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Rural Adviser

  • Rural Advisor Program
    RTC: Rural Advisors provide recommendations, contribute to research and development activities, and help shape the RTC agenda for developing solutions to issues experienced by people living with disabilities in rural America.
  • Research

    • Research Participation
      Research Participants are rural community members who wish to serve an essential role in advancing rural disability research by participating in RTC: Rural studies.

    State of
    the Science

    • State of the Science
      RTC:Rural conducts a state-of-the-science conference to engage experts, scientists, and disability stakeholders to discuss the status of rural disability and rehabilitation and the future of research and practice and to advance the science of disability in small town and rural environments.

    Products & Training

    • Products & Training
      RTC: Rural has established programs, products, trainings, and resources to support national efforts to improve the ability of persons with disabilities to live independently in rural America.


    • Technical Assistance
      RTC: Rural’s Knowledge Translation and Resource Center provides technical assistance for implementing, developing, and maintaining evidence-based practices to improve the ability of persons with disabilities to live independently in rural America. Contact us with inquiries about our research and programs.