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July 2019

July already! We're halfway through summer, and it's been a warm one!

We're getting closer to our fall public release of the program, and it'll be here before we know it. Thank you everyone who has helped develop and test the program so far!

We have a few more HCL Snapshot previews of the sessions in our two workshops - Community Living Skills (CLS) and Living Well in the Community (LWC) below, as well as more testimony from people who have had a chance to try our program!

We hope you are excited for HCL's release and thank you for being patient while we get it ready for its major release!


CLS Snapshot - Budgeting & Finance

The Budgeting & Finance session is part of the Community Living Skills workshop.

Participants learn about the importance and value of money management, and how balancing needs and wants within a personal budget is possible with knowledge and skills
in basic money management strategies. Managing money can help participants meet housing, transportation and other goals so they can be independent in the community.

Read the HCL Snapshot below for a deeper look at this session!


LWC Snapshot - Healthy Reactions

On the path to achieving an important goal and creating change, problems and barriers will inevitably arise. Difficult problems can be frustrating; however, it is the way we react when faced with a problem that determines how frustrated we feel, and if we get discouraged and give up on our goals or keep moving forward.

The Healthy Reactions session guides participants in exploring their own patterns of reactions, thoughts, and beliefs about problems, and offers ways to reframe thoughts that
can help build confidence and maintain motivation.

Read the HCL Snapshot below for a deeper look at this session!


Community Living

When I had my stroke, the first thing I wanted to do was get back into the community and start living well in the community before I even knew about the Living Well program. And a lot of the community living skills that are in the program, I sort of taught myself before Living Well to get back into the community. And I've seen how this class changes lives. I've seen people progress.

I'm really excited about the new content. It's updated; it's current; it's fresh. And I'm really excited to get out there and start facilitating it. The program changes lives; it's going to help so many individuals. A lot of the people that were coming through  the Living Well program could have really used the Community Living Skills program first, and then get into the Living Well program.

- Steve Norton, Ability360


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