Rural Advisor Program

RTC: Rural‘s Knowledge Translation and Resource Center engages and invites multiple stakeholders to participate in research through our Rural Advisor Program (RAP). This framework is designed to create relationships and partnerships with groups of stakeholders, including rural community members with disabilities, service providers, as well as cross-disciplinary researchers, to facilitate inclusive decision-making in research, development, and knowledge translation projects. Stakeholders provide input and expertise to ensure solutions to problems explored through research address the unique needs of rural communities and the people who live there. The RAP is comprised of the following roles:

Consumer Advisors may advise on any number of defined activities and/or topics on an as-needed basis, such as providing feedback on dissemination strategies or training materials, completing feedback surveys, and participating in beta-testing, pilot testing, etc. Consumer Advisors may be recruited to serve on ad-hoc groups to complete very specific time-limited tasks. Consumer They may or may not be offered a stipend, depending on the project needs and task or objective at hand. Duration of participation is time-limited.

Project Advisors participate on specific research and development project teams. Their work includes assistance in defining research questions, review of materials, providing consumer perspective on the research process, intervention content, design, and delivery, advice on the dissemination of research findings, and help developing trainings and products for use by consumers and service providers. The time commitment varies, and Project Advisors receive a stipend that is dependent on the project needs, such as duration and task or objective at hand. Duration of term is determined by the Project Director.

Personal Assistance Services (PAS) in Rural America Advisory Board Bios

Technical Advisors are experts in the field of disability and cross-disciplines who closely advise RTC:Rural on implementation of specific research and KT projects including development and review of materials, effective and promising procedures, interpretation of results, and knowledge translation. Some technical advisors will also contribute to intervention content and delivery.

If you are interested in participating in the RTC: Rural Advisor Program, contact

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Rural Adviser

  • Rural Advisor Program
    RTC: Rural Advisors provide recommendations, contribute to research and development activities, and help shape the RTC agenda for developing solutions to issues experienced by people living with disabilities in rural America.
  • Research

    • Research Participation
      Research Participants are rural community members who wish to serve an essential role in advancing rural disability research by participating in RTC: Rural studies.

    State of
    the Science

    • State of the Science
      RTC:Rural conducts a state-of-the-science conference to engage experts, scientists, and disability stakeholders to discuss the status of rural disability and rehabilitation and the future of research and practice and to advance the science of disability in small town and rural environments.

    Products & Training

    • Products & Training
      RTC: Rural has established programs, products, trainings, and resources to support national efforts to improve the ability of persons with disabilities to live independently in rural America.


    • Technical Assistance
      RTC: Rural’s Knowledge Translation and Resource Center provides technical assistance for implementing, developing, and maintaining evidence-based practices to improve the ability of persons with disabilities to live independently in rural America. Contact us with inquiries about our research and programs.