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Disability Data Lookup (2020 Data)

Follow the steps below to access the most recent county level disability estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS). The resulting table will include: population estimates and margins of error, disability rates, and rural-urban classification. You can also Download the full dataset for all counties in all states (zip format).

Data sources: The data provided in this lookup is from the 2016-2020 5 year ACS estimates and the 2020 OMB Metropolitan-Micropolitan Statistical Areas delineation files.

Limitations: There are some significant limitations with ACS disability data. Lower population (generally more rural) counties will often have high margins of error (MOE) associated with disability estimates. The MOE indicates that the possible range of values for a particular estimate, the larger the range, the less reliable the estimate. If a county has a high margin of error for the disability population, the remaining rate estimates may be unreliable. This is particularly of concern for race and ethnicity data in lower population counties.

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