Online Terms of Participation

RTC:Rural encourages submissions from all viewpoints, however we ask that all participants adhere to the following Terms of Participation and our Social Media Policy when engaging in our following websites:

Terms of Participation

To ensure constructive questions and comments, please post only questions or comments directly related and relevant to RTC:Rural and the topics discussed.

Do not post questions or comments that contain threats, obscenities, and any other material that would violate the law if published, such as abusive, defamatory, or sexually explicit material.

Submissions containing the following will be deleted:

  • Obscene or threatening language or defamation (hate speech) including that based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability
  • Commercial services or products being marketed
  • Any personal or sensitive information (phone numbers, e-mail, or postal addresses)
  • Any endorsement of religious beliefs/practices or political parties, candidates, or groups
  • Any posts or links intended to influence (lobby) a Member of Congress or government official on legislation or appropriation

In the event that your original post contains an appropriate disability-related resource, RTC:Rural may ask you to modify your posting by removing any portion that breaches this policy.

The Right to Report Threatening Comments

RTC:Rural reserves the right to report any comments that imply harm or imminent danger to yourself or others. By submitting a comment for posting, you accept that RTC:RURAL has the right to contact the appropriate authorities to report any suspicious activities, threats, or behaviors.

Comments are Subject to Public Disclosure

All comments submitted or posted on RTC:Rural’s social media accounts are public. RTC:Rural reserves the right to restrict or remove any content that violates these policies or any applicable law.

Editing and Deletions

RTC:Rural reserves the right, but undertakes no duty, to review, edit, move, or delete any material submitted as a comment to information posted on its social media accounts without notice.