November 30, 2015

Using Social Media for Employment

Image Cloud of Social Media iconsUsing social media for employment is an important strategy for anyone on the job market.  When searching for a job, consumers must often look well beyond the “help wanted” section of the newspaper.   As a result, job search strategies have changed dramatically and social media increasingly plays a part in searching for and maintaining a job.  With that in mind, the Use for Social Media for Employment study was created to evaluate Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) counselors’ knowledge of and approach to social media.

VR counselors from Alabama, Washington and Montana recently took part in the study about social media strategies for seeking employment.  Counselors were assigned to an intervention or control group and completed a baseline survey to evaluate use, knowledge, and comfort with various social media platforms.  The intervention group received 7.5 hours of online social media training delivered by Kristen Jacoway of Career Design Coach and Kristopher Corso, developer of the Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP).  The training covered how employers are using social media to vet employees, what candidates can do to their online presence to be more desirable to employers, how various social media platforms can be used to network with industry leaders and potential employers and how VR counselors can use the TAP to match consumers with potential employers.

In February, we will send out a follow-up survey to intervention and control group participants to learn how exposure to the social media training changed practices, such as helping consumers manage their online profiles, to mitigate “digital dirt”, or market themselves during the jobs search.  We also want to assess changes in professional use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Social media platforms are evolving quickly and their sphere of influence is growing rapidly in job seeking strategies. We are happy to share some of the information from the social media training with you, please look for social media tidbits in a future blog post.

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