May 18, 2015

Transportation Voucher Model

Man in wheelchair using a lift to enter his van. The transportation voucher model works to address transportation barriers in rural communities, a significant problems for people with disabilities.  Many rural communities lack the resources to provide accessible and safe transportation so that people with disabilities can fully participate in community life.  Researchers at RTC: Rural studied this problem and developed one potential solution that helps individual consumers meet their transportation needs through the use of transportation vouchers.

The transportation voucher model is based on the independent living philosophy, a philosophy which emphasizes consumer control and choice.  The transportation voucher system works by allowing people with disabilities to use their own knowledge and skills to develop a transportation system to meet their needs.  Transportation vouchers are a creative way that communities and individuals can ensure that people with disabilities have access to transportation and the means to participate in work and social activities.  The Association of Programs for Rural Community Living (APRIL) offers the Transportation Voucher toolkit that provides instructions on how to develop your own transportation voucher program.  For more information about this program and additional resources on transportation for people with disabilities, please contact us and visit our transportation voucher web page.

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