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Rural Community Development


Paper Synopsis

The ecological model of disability encourages us to consider the environment as a contributing factor to disability.  Here the environment refers to the communities in which we live.  Cornelia Flora argues that a community approach is required to intervene in the environment.   Despite the rhetoric of the new paradigm of disability, most disability and rehabilitation researchers and providers still use iindividual approaches to achieve these new community-level outcomes.  This creates a mismatch of problem-solving methods; creating a gap that needs to be filled.  But what is community?  What are the ways in which disability and rehabilitation research providers can best address community environments?  Cornelia Flora introduces concepts of the Triple-Bottom-Line, Community Capitals, Community Governance, Community Empowerment, and Sustainable Community Development.  How do these ideas and approaches relate to disability and rehabilitation?

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Common Threads: Integrating Disability Into
Rural Community Development