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State of the Science:
Disability and Rehabilitation in Rural America

A web conference on

  • Rural issues
  • Disability issues
  • The intersection of the two

Four nationally-acclaimed leaders in rural policy and practice will describe their philosophy and approach toward preserving the heritage of rural America while solving the problems rural Americans face.  Each will describe conceptual models and strategies that might have promise in addressing the issues faced by people with disabilities.  Leaders in disability and rural rehabilitation will respond to each paper to provide insight on how the models might be used by rural people with disabilities and agencies that serve them.  Presenters, respondents, conference hosts, and attendees will have an opportunity to explore how to integrate disability issues into the broader rural agenda.

This web conference will address one topic each day.  We encourage attendee participation.  To participate before the webcast, please read the conference paper and submit a comment, question, or scenario you would like the presenter to address during his or her presentation.

Presenters: Brian Dabson, Cornelia Flora, Don Macke, and Vincent Francisco will discuss broad trends in rural policy, rural community development, rural economic development and employment, and rural health.  Each is nationally and internationally-recognized in their area of expertise.  We are fortunate to have them on board to explore and identify gaps and possible linkages to include disability issues into mainstream rural issues and policy.

When:  April 17 through the 20th, 10:00 – 12:30 mountain time each day.

Cost:  Free

Download conference material (topic papers, recorded sessions, session transcripts, and presentations).