December 7, 2015

Social Media as a Tool for Employment

Success woman isolated (146818153)These days, the use of social media as a tool for employment plays a significant role in today’s job market.  Whether someone is looking for a job, interested in keeping a job, or wanting to network within a profession, various social media platforms can be utilized to advance employment goals.

Uses for Social Media and Employment:

Prospective employees use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to network, research potential employers, mitigate “digital dirt,” and promote themselves.

Employers use social media and other search tools to investigate potential employees, fact-check resumes, and research common connections.

Below are some examples of how LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can assist Vocational Rehabilitation consumers with job search and employment.

LinkedIn can be used to:

  • Create a place where prospective employers can fact-check a resume
  • Network with people who may have connections with potential employees and employers
  • Blog to demonstrate “thought leadership” or to generate positive search results
  • Create an online resume and apply for jobs

Twitter can be used to:

  • Follow, learn about and interact with prospective employers
  • Build and online relationship by sharing with other people’s tweets
  • Share relevant articles or stories withing your profession
  • Ask questions of leaders in the field
  • Create content for other people to share
  • Generate positive search results to mitigate “digital dirt”

Instagram can be used to:

  • Showcase “proof of performance” photos
  • Share professional content

If you would like to receive additional information about social media as a tool for employment, please contact Catherine Ipsen,

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