The following resources are products that have been created by RTC:Rural to support people with disabilities living in rural America, and their service providers.

  • Rural Disability Resource Library – This website was created to be an easily accessible and searchable set of resources for people with disabilities who live in rural areas.
  • #RuralDisability eNewsletter – Our bi-monthly newsletter containing items related to living with disability in rural communities.
  • Scholarworks Library – A library of all technical publications by RTC:Rural and the Rural Institute.

Community Participation & Independent Living

  • Disability in America Map Series – These maps, created by our geography and demography researchers, illustrate some of the nuances of disability in America, particularly in rural areas, including age, income, veteran status, gender, and other factors.
  • Defining Rural – What makes an area rural? It depends on the definition you use.  This page lays out the various definitions of rural used by different agencies, and the pros and cons of each one.
  • Disability Counts Data Finder – Easily view and download data on disability rate and rural status of any county.
  • Guide to Accessing Disability Data – This webpage provides step-by-step instructions on how to view and download data on disability in the US using the American FactFinder.
  • Toolkit for Operating a Rural Transportation Voucher Program – The Toolkit for Operating a Rural Transportation Voucher Program provides a model that describes how to bring together community members and resources to develop and operate a transportation system for people with disabilities in rural areas.
  • Advocacy Skill Building Toolkit – This toolkit is a guide for conducting interactive and engaging workshops to facilitate the development of advocacy skills of emerging Independent Living leaders and youth with disabilities. It includes a facilitator guide, activities, worksheets and discussion topics.
  • Rural Options at Discharge – Model of Active Planning (ROADMAP) Project Products – This project created and tested an enhanced discharge and rural transition support program that facilitates patients’ transitions from in-patient hospitalization back home to a small town or rural community. Project manuals and other documents are available to encourage replication of the model.

Employment & Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Telecom Toolbox – Online tools are a great (and under used) way to boost the success of rural vocational rehabilitation programs and their clients. This website supports career development professionals such as VR specialists, as well as job seekers, in using online job search tools.

Health & Wellness

  • Living and Working Well with a Disability – The Living Well and Working Well with a Disability programs are evidence-based, peer-led health promotion workshops provided by organizations that serve people with disabilities.
  • Community Activated Living Well (COALW) – Community Activated Living Well (COALW) is a set of guidelines designed to help plan and implement Living Well with a Disability. It includes ideas, agendas and procedures that community members can use to organize and conduct Living Well with a Disability.


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