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August 2019

We're getting closer to our fall public release of the program, and it'll be here before we know it. Thank you everyone who has helped develop and test the program so far!

We have a few more HCL Snapshot previews of the sessions in our two workshops - Community Living Skills (CLS) and Living Well in the Community (LWC) below, as well as more testimony from people who have had a chance to try our program!

We hope you are excited for HCL's release and thank you for being patient while we get it ready for its major release!

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CLS Snapshot - Healthy Relationships

The Healthy Relationships session of the Community Living Skills workshop introduces and explores different types of relationships people can have, or may want to have, with others.

Relationships can positively impact people’s lives by providing support, and revealing new opportunities in the world around them.

This session includes exploring what is valued from relationships, setting boundaries, and building a structure of healthy relationships to form a community of support.

Read the HCL Snapshot below for a deeper look at this session!

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LWC Snapshot - Healthy Communication

Strong communication skills are very important for quality-of-life goal achievement. The Healthy Communication session helps participants explore what makes communication
effective. They also explore how healthy communication can help them strengthen relationships, get needs met, manage feelings of frustration and discouragement, address
problems, and achieve goals.

This session also guides participants in thinking through
communication barriers that may arise within the social context of disability.

Read the HCL Snapshot below for a deeper look at this session!

Dusting Gibson speaking and using an easel

Curriculum and Resource

For over a year, I have used the Healthy Community Living curriculum across schools, jails, and prisons. It has served different purposes in each setting and can be utilized in a myriad of ways. For example, while teaching Disability Identity to a high-school class, we followed the curriculum from start to finish, but in other discussions with the same class, we used it as a source of reference or to examine particular content more in depth. 

Although it presents as a curriculum, it also serves as a information and resource hub. The material it contains has been particularly useful to the youth that I have worked with, in part, because of the relevancy and authentic representation of the creators. The online format provides the possibility to refer to material while facilitating conversation. Lastly, I've used the curriculum for course prep and research which I then taught offline. 

- Dustin Gibson, Disability Advocates for Rights and Transition 


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