March 16, 2017

New Online Training Platform Enhances Living Well with a Disability Program

Screenshot of new Living Well with a Disability websiteRTC:Rural is thrilled to announce an exciting update to the Living Well with a Disability Program with a new online Facilitator Training. The new program updates  make it easier for organizations to train staff and peers, prepare workshop materials, and receive technical support from both RTC:Rural and fellow Living Well with a Disability Program Providers.

After several months of planning, collaboration, and development with key stakeholders, skilled professionals, and multi-media experts, we are proud to share the beautiful new online learning experience to continue our long history of providing this evidence-based health promotion program for people with disabilities.

What is Living Well with a Disability?

Living Well with a Disability (LWD), also sometimes referred to as Living Well, is a ten week peer-facilitated health promotion workshop for people with disabilities. Participants in the program learn the life skills they need to set and achieve quality-of-life goals and the important role health plays in helping them reach their dreams. Organizations are licensed to offer the program and individuals are trained and certified to conduct Living Well workshops through a licensed organization.

A well-known program with a long line of research and development funding from various sources, Living Well with a Disability is a recognized self-management program by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a recipient of additional funds from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research.

Since 1995, RTC: Rural has trained nearly 1,200 Living Well with a Disability Facilitators in 46 states who have in turn served more than 9,000 adults with disabilities. With the new online training platform, RTC: Rural will increase the reach and impact of the program by providing key updates to the training.

What is new?

Screenshots of new Living Well with a Disability website content

Screenshots of new Living Well with a Disability website content – click on the image to view a larger version

In the past, the Living Well with a Disability facilitator training consisted of an online classroom format that included both self-study and scheduled group webinar activities over the course of two weeks. It was offered twice per year. Now, trainees can follow their own training schedule and can access the self-guided training website at any time and in any place with an internet connected computer or device.

The training website also gives access to downloadable and printable Living Well workbooks. The license allows up to 15 individuals associated with the organization to become facilitators.

Where do you learn more?

Both seasoned Living Well Providers as well as newly interested organizations can learn more about the training on the new website. The “Tour the website” video gives a brief overview of the new website training, and the FAQs provide helpful information to learn how to sign up, obtain the program license, and access the training.

We hope the new training is as enjoyable as it has been to create it!

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