September 13, 2017

Living Well Intro Webinar videos now available

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Unable to attend the Living Well Intro webinar we hosted on August 24, or want to review the information covered? Then you’re in luck—the video recordings are now available to view online. There are two recordings from the webinar:

Program overview portion of webinar

The first webinar recording features RTC:Rural Training Associate Maggie Lawrence giving an introduction to the Living Well with a Disability (LWD) program. In the video, she introduces LWD program content and the Living Well Facilitator Training website. She also explains the process for an organization to become a licensed program provider and for staff to become consumer workshop facilitators.

View the LWD Program Overview video here: Living Well with a Disability Intro Webinar: Program Overview

Guest speakers portion of webinar

The second recording features three guest speakers who describe implementing LWD at their CILs: Bert Rios, Outreach Coordinator at S.M.I.L.E. in Yuma, Arizona; Dermot Thiel, Program Director at Wyoming Independent Living in Laramie, Wyoming; and Jude Monson, Program Manager at Summit Independent Living in Missoula, Montana.

The speakers share their insights and experiences of using the LWD program with their organizations, and answer questions from webinar participants about their variations on implementing the program. Rios, Thiel, and Monson each have years of experience implementing the Living Well program with diverse populations and offer their perspectives on program impact, adaptability and sustainability.

View the Guest Speaker video here: Living Well with a Disability Intro Webinar: Guest Speakers

About Living Well with a Disability

Man in wheelchair with friends

Living Well with a Disability is a ten week peer-facilitated health promotion workshop developed at RTC:Rural in collaboration with people with disabilities for people with disabilities. It focuses on developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle to meet quality-of-life goals. Living Well with a Disability is a recognized self-management program by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a recipient of additional funds from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research.

Grounded in consumer choice and peer support and based on the Independent Living philosophy, LWD introduces and builds the self-management skills needed to set and achieve quality-of-life goals. It provides tools for managing health and making healthy lifestyle changes, increasing physical activity, developing and maintaining healthy relationships, improving nutrition, avoiding depression and frustration, and advocating for community changes. Notably, participants’ goal-setting and problem-solving activities drive their health behavior changes, linking health with function. Since 1995 over 1,200 individuals have been trained to become LWD consumer workshop facilitators, in turn serving over 9,744 adults with disabilities in 46 states.

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