August 31, 2015

Living and Working Well Workshops

Man exercising

Man exercising

Living and Working Well with a Disability workshops are evidence-based health promotion programs for people with disabilities. Developed by RTC: Rural with help from people with disabilities, Living and Working Well have been shown to reduce both the severity and incidence of secondary conditions experienced by people with physical impairments.  Now that fall is approaching, consider setting some goals that will improve your health and find Living Well or Working Well workshops at a Center for Independent Living near you.

Many people wonder what to expect when they sign up to take Living and Working Well workshops.  Consumer workshops take place over a period of ten weeks for Living Well and six weeks for Working Well.  They are peer led and are a great way to meet new people and develop supportive relationships that last a lifetime.

During the workshop series, participants learn about the benefit of setting doable goals, how to problem solve and to advocate for their needs.  The skills learned during Living and Working Well workshops support independence, community participation and healthy lifestyle choices.

Of her experience in the Living Well program, one program participant said, “The Living Well program got me beyond the feeling that life was over and I was useless. The materials …brought to us helped me to see that retirement didn’t mean doing nothing and staying home. The program not only gave me information, it also gave me the opportunity to discuss common problems with other disabled people who had problems and needed help. I began to realize that I could help others with many of the situations that I had gone through and still had a lot to give.”

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