December 15, 2016

Healthy Community Living– Real People. Real Places.


We’re excited to share Healthy Community Living (HCL), one of RTC:Rural‘s newest projects! HCL is currently developing some fun classes, and has released a call for photos that we hope you will participate in.

Everyone should have the opportunity to live well and participate fully in their communities. HCL is committed to helping people with disabilities achieve these goals.

HCL mascot, a rainbow-colored cartoon personIn partnership with the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL) and eight Centers for Independent Living (CILs) across the country, HCL is working to develop two classes that will help people with disabilities set and reach personal goals, live healthy lives, and learn skills that support active community living. These two classes, Community Living Skills and Living Well in the Community will encourage people to explore skills for community living both online and in person with peers and allies.

We hope you can help us with one part of this project.  As HCL is pulling together pictures and videos for the classes, we are finding that there is a lack of images that accurately represent people with disabilities in their everyday lives. Help tell the story of healthy community living by sharing photographs of people with and without disabilities at home and in their communities. Join the HCL group’s Flickr page to see the photos from others and upload your own.

Check out the HCL video below for more information!


This month, HCL is looking for images to go in their Technical Skills and Problem Solving course chapters. Please send images of people using computers, technology, adaptive equipment, or anything that falls into that category. We are also seeking pictures of problem-solving, which could be using any of those tech items, navigating a barrier of any kind, or completing another activity. Not sure if your picture fits the category? Upload it anyway—HCL covers many different topics, so your image could fit an upcoming chapter.

Girl typing on a laptop computer, an example of community living

Girl using assistive technology as part of community living


For more information on the Healthy Community Living project, visit their website:

Healthy Community Living

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A man digs in a garden with a shovel; a little boy stands next to him watching.