June 2, 2017

Showcasing RTC:Rural employment and VR research products

RTC:Rural‘s long running Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation research project explores solutions to assist rural rehabilitation service providers in helping people with disabilities achieve and maintain employment.

Over the last six months we have produced several new tools to help vocational rehabilitation professionals provide their best services. We are also holding a live State of the Science webinar on Effective Rural Vocational Rehabilitation Job Development, to be held June 22, 2017 at 10:00am MDT.

Click the links below for more details on each item:

Telecom Toolbox logo We created the Telecom Toolbox website to help VR professionals and clients utilize new online tools to reach employment goals. This product is in response to our ongoing research on how to improve VR services which revealed three areas where VR agencies could make changes to positively impact client employment outcomes: use of telecommunication strategies, online career development, and understanding of ethical issues in social media and telecommunications use.
Top portion of infographic reading "6 Essential Elements of Social Media Policy" We developed the infographic 6 Essential Elements of Social Media Policy for VR Agencies. This graphic is based on our recent publication “Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Guidance on Social Media Use: A Policy Analysis,” which recommended the elements for a complete social media policy.
Man working at a computer workstationWe are currently developing an online Vocational Rehabilitation Self-Employment Guide to promote self-employment as an option for people with disabilities in the VR system. The website aims to address concerns about self-employment feasibility and provide VR counselors with tools to achieve successful employment outcomes for their clients. We have found self-employment to be a particularly promising option to address some of the barriers to employment of living in a rural community.
State of the Science, June 22, 2017Our webinar Effective Rural VR Job Development will present our most recent findings on how VR payment models influence the availability and quality of job development services in rural areas. This work is based on our previous research to understand consumer engagement with VR services. The webinar is June 22, 2017 from 10:00 - 11:30 am MDT, see below for details and registration link.
Disability Counts logoWe recently launched our Disability Counts Data Finder, an online tool that allows users to easily access disability data for every county in the United States. Through a simple interface, users select their state and counties of interest and generate a table with population estimates, disability rates, and rural/urban classifications.