Disability and Veterans

September 2016

The chart and map below explore the 2010-2014 ACS 5-year (table C21007) disability estimates by veteran status and county type (OMB county classifications). The ACS asks a set of disability indicator questions to determine disability, if a respondent can answer “yes” to any disability question they are classified as having a disability. The data below are for ages 18 and over.

A bar chart comparing disability rates between veterans and non-veterans by county type.













Chart 7. Disability Rate by Veteran Status and County Type. This chart shows the rate of disability among veterans and non-veterans split by county type. These data indicate that veterans report higher rates of disability than non-veterans across all county types. Further, disability rates are higher in more rural areas across both veterans and non-veterans. Non-veterans reported lower levels of disability (13.1% in metropolitan, 17.6% in micropolitan, 19.8% in noncore) compared to veterans (26%, 31%, 34%). These ACS data suggest that disability rates are higher among veterans and in more rural areas.


Map of Disability and Veterans



This work is part of the Geography of Disability Project.