November 26, 2018

APRIL members share input in RTC:Rural survey

First page of the APRIL Members Input Survey Summarized Results. Links in post to PDF and text-only versions.

Cover of the APRIL Members Input Survey Summarized Results. To view or download the full results, follow the links in the post.

At this year’s APRIL conference (See: Another great APRIL conference in the books!), RTC:Rural asked APRIL members to share their thoughts and ideas about what work is most important for rural Independent Living and research. We want to make sure our research leads to relevant and useful solutions for rural people with disabilities, and to do so we make sure to gather input from stakeholders as we plan, carry out, and share the results of our work.  

The APRIL Members Input Survey Summarized Results document summarizes the results of the survey, and shares what APRIL members had to say about the following:

  • Partnering with other organizations
  • How Centers for Independent Living can more effectively work with rural hospitals
  • The types of transportation options available in rural communities
  • What Personal Assistance Services are like in rural areas
  • Top advocacy focuses for the upcoming year

Follow the links below to view and download a PDF or text-only version of the APRIL Members Input Survey Summarized Results.

Thank you to all the APRIL members who completed our survey! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us.